About Erica


Hi there! I’m Erica Cantwell- a mom, wife, and dreamer from a small town in the mountains called Twin Bridges in California.

I find freedom in my free time when I can be creative and sing my heart out around the house or in the car. Growing up all I watched was Food Network, HGTV, Animal Planet and the Disney Channel. Those were my go to channels to watch. What can I say, I love being inspired and dreaming up big dreams. 

Growing up at a young age I realized I could sing. I sang a lot to Michael Jackson, Selena, Whitney Houston, Cece.Winans, Yolanda Adam's. Just to name a few. 

At 24 yrs old after having my first born I noticed some chronic pain in my lower back. Then after having my second born, I couldn't walk for a couple of days. I developed severe inflammation in my legs and feet. After having my third child, but forth pregnancy again the chronic pain in my lower back and legs seems to linger on. In and out of the hospital after so many different test, doctors still haven't been able to figure out whats wrong (other then major inflammation  in my legs). They diagnosed me as to having Fibromyalgia. 

Everyday I try to do my best, but some days my body gives out on it's own and walking becomes difficult. For a couple of weeks I'm strong and fine and others I'm weak like if I just gave birth all over again. Really strange.

Anyways, one of my biggest dreams is to sing. It's a gift that God has givin me before  going into my mothers womb. Still to this day I don't know what He has planned for me and my family, but I hope that one day I can bless so many hearts with my voice. To Him be all the Glory. Amen!

God Bless You,

Erica Cantwell

Tim and Erica Cantwell


Erica Cantwell is an American born, mixed blooded with Central, Native and African American, lover of Jesus, wellness lifestyle advocate, enjoys the great outdoors and visiting Disney Parks. In her spare time she likes to sing, and work on homemade projects with her kids. She and her husband, Tim, have a passion on helping families achieve a better quality of life in the Lord and by living a healthier lifestyle 


As a husband, father and Pastor of Harvest Christian Home Church, Tim is passionate about empowering the church, especially parents. Encouraging them to see the beautiful benefits when raising their children in the ways of the Lord. You will find Tim praying for his church family or hiking with his wife Erica and their three children, Benji, Grace and Mercy.