Our Story

After having my second born child and later go through a miscarriage, I developed major inflammation in the sacroiliac joints. Later getting diagnosed by my Doctor with having sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Fibromyalgia, I let it consume my mind and I fell into the enemy’s trap of depression and everything else that came with that. I was making everyone in my home miserable and our health, our finances, our quality of life started to take a hit. I thank God for family because during those darkest moment, they were always there encouraging me and praying for us. They helped hold down the fort when Tim and I couldn’t. 

Tim and I now have three beautiful young kids who are always seeking for adventure. Over the years with them, We both came to realize how important they are to us and how precious these moments and times we have together really are. That's when we both made the decision to stop living our life feeling hopeless and began living our life transformed. We decided to really walk by faith and step into the new and true us God created us to be. 

I began to get my life, home, finances and eating habits straight so that I could free myself from frustration and chaos. I started to study and learn how to manage my home and overall health and step by step I started to feel the weight and heaviness melt off my shoulders. Taking these hard, but power steps has made my husband and I feel so much better. Keeping our head in the game and staying focus on the direction we are heading for our family has been incredible.

My desire here is to encourage and inspire other moms just like me to live their life transformed. To be a completely different person then before. You know, depending what you are going through, life has a way of doing a great job deceiving us and making us think that life is over. Truly, that's a straight up lie from the enemy and I want you to know that your life is not over. God has a plan for you. A plan to proper you and give you a hope and a future.

Are you ready? Get ready because here at ericacantwell.com you will find posts regarding health, family, travel, business and reccomendations.

Today is your moment to make a conscious desicion to go after your goals as a family and follow your God given dreams. 

Fun Facts

I love to sing.

My husband and I rocked climbed lovers leap together in twin bridges, CA.

I'm central american, black and native Indian.

All my pregnancies were high risk.

I'm the only one in my family that has been to Brazil, Mexico, India, France and Walt Disney World.

My family and I love to travel. Especially to the Sierra Mountains and Disneyland in California.

My favorite animal are bears

My favorite Disney princesses are Ariel and Pocahontas.

My favorite food is Italian.

My husband is always right! LOL.

The best is yet to come!!!

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