Erica Cantwell


We Are Empowered In Helping Families Build A Brighter Future

Hi there! I’m Erica Cantwell, wife to Tim Cantwell and homeschooling parents of 3 beautiful, outdoorsy kids. We love and enjoy the mountain life.

In 2012 through 2013 I became obsessive and started to take a good look at the products I was using. I became educated about the harm it was causing our family and quickly showed my husband. We decides to detox our home and started practicing healthier habits, and introduced safer products into our home. It hasn't been easy, but this change made us more conscious of what we were putting on our skin, and the supplements we were using to help energize our bodies.

Living a healthier lifestyle has been a constant journey for us, but we are still learning. It's a blessing to know that wellness is achievable and affordable for everyone. Since then, I have had a passion to encourage and inspire others towards total wellness for the whole family and also find financial freedom.

I pray that this place would be an encouraging resource to you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle at home and wherever you go.

With Lot's of Love, 

Erica Cantwell and Family

Tim and Erica Cantwell


Erica Cantwell is an American born, mixed blooded with Central, Native and African American, lover of Jesus, wellness lifestyle advocate, enjoys the great outdoors and visiting Disney Parks. In her spare time she likes to sing, and work on homemade projects with her kids. She and her husband, Tim, have a passion on helping families achieve a better quality of life in the Lord and by living a healthier lifestyle 


As a husband, father and Pastor of Harvest Christian Home Church, Tim is passionate about empowering the church, especially parents. Encouraging them to see the beautiful benefits when raising their children in the ways of the Lord. You will find Tim praying for his church family or hiking with his wife Erica and their three children, Benji, Grace and Mercy.